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We are glad to share the experiences of our first international project meeting with you. The social farm enthusiasts of the four Visegrad countries met in Gödöllő, Hungary on the 21st and 22nd of November.

On the first day of the meeting we introduced our institutions and the situation of social farming in each countries. It seems that there are different approaches and different stages in the recognition of social farms. In the Czech Republic the current status of social agriculture is already mapped by the Agency for Social Inclusion, and a BSc course on Social Farming is already under preparation. In Hungary a national society of social farms was established and next year NRD funds will be available for social farms. In Poland the strongest branch of social farming is education: a nationwide system of farm schools has been operating for several years. In Slovakia the recognition of social farms is under way, the agricultural university is committed to map the current situation.

On the second day we discussed the common framework of our project. We decided that in the collection of good practices the real life experiences and challenges of social farms would be emphasized in order to help new initiatives.

Both days we could get some practical experiences as well: we visited social farms in the neighborhood of Gödöllő. Both in Csömör and in Iklad, we met the disabled people who are working on the farms, and we were enchanted by their warm welcome.